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Bridging the Gap in Personal Finance Education

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Breaking the Trend

Welcome to Breaking the Trend.

What we’re not:

We are not another website that is going to tell you three steps to becoming a millionaire. We won’t tell you what 5 stocks will go up tomorrow, mainly because we can’t (hint: that’s impossible).

We are also not professional money managers (not yet at least). For this reason, we are not biased – We are not backed by anyone. We have no hidden or secret agenda. We are just honest people that are passionate about spreading financial awareness.

What we are:

We are a group of guys who want to help you better understand your personal finances. The structure of a person’s finances impacts their day-to-day life, yet far too many of us don’t know enough about our own personal financial matters to make informed choices.

We are here to help guide you through the murky waters of personal finances. Our goal is to improve everyone’s level of education on all aspects relating to your finances.

Based on our own experiences, there are no reliable, unbiased, educational websites that speak to improving personal financial education. We will be posting new material frequently in order to fix this problem. We will listen to our readers and create posts that can truly help you better make decisions regarding your personal financial situations as they are all unique. 

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