Our Story

We are a group of guys born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario with the goal of increasing the public’s knowledge of financial products and services. We do not claim to be experts in the realm of the financial industry. We do, however, believe that there is a wide gap between the knowledge of finances that we all ought to have, and the knowledge that many of us currently have. After noticing this gap in financial awareness, we decided to create a forum for change.

Our goal is to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of common financial topics through providing a medium to better understand the many financial products and services we all use on a regular basis.

We welcome your thoughts on issues, ideas for posts on topics you wish to learn more about, and questions you may have regarding your personal situation. We are not here to judge anyone’s current level of knowledge or understanding of financial products. Rather we are here to help spread awareness and share resources on topics which may require further clarification.

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Meet our Authors

Rory Taylor


Rory is currently attending Carleton University on a David A. Golden Scholarship. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Economics honors degree, with a concentration in Financial Economics and a minor in Political Science.

Rory has a deep seeded passion for politics and finance. He is very involved in the local community as well as both provincial and federal politics. He is also a regular contributor to Carleton’s independent weekly newsletter; The Charlatan.

To learn more about Rory, connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.